Cruise Elroy
written by Wes Nease

Imagine a world where your radio doesn't blare the same tired pop songs on repeat over and over again. Imagine a world where original sounds aren't immediately swept up by a corporate marketing machine so that they can be replicated, packaged and sold to the lowest common denominator. Imagine a world where three guys can lock themselves in a recording studio for a day and come out with the kind of music that actually moves you.

Imagine that those three guys made a website to try to get the word out about themselves.

If you're reading this, you've arrived at the official Cruise Elroy website. And you're looking at the future of music. Cruise Elroy consists of Chris Merritt, Brett Ripley and Jacob Thro.

It's unfortunate that the culmination of a century of music recording has resulted in a world of radio stations broadcasting repetitive pop sensations, all carefully groomed, autotuned and assembled by corporate investment.

Thankfully, you can consider Cruise Elroy your own personal, audible vacation away from the endless musical clones out there.